Fashion designer Genevieve Devine designed briefs for singer Dua Lipa to wear during a Vanity Fair shoot.

The renowned singer-songwriter wore a feminine jumpsuit designed by Genevieve Devine for the feature film Vanity Fair.

It’s the latest hit from Chatton’s slow fashion lawyer whose designs grace the pages of some of the industry’s most iconic magazines.

Pieces from his “Smoke and Mirrors” collection appear in current editions of British and Italian magazines Vogue, Metal and More or Less, as well as in the fall / winter edition of the culture, art and fashion book Document Journal .

Singer Dua Lipa models a vintage slip designed by Genevieve Devine featured in Vanity Fair. Photo: Venetia Scott

Now based in London, the 28-year-old says her love for fashion and design was evident at just three years old and her talents were nurtured at Dame Allan’s Schools in Newcastle.

“I started doing things when I was very young,” she recalls. “When I was three, I saw Raquel Welch in A Million BC on TV, then I ran upstairs to make myself a loincloth outfit by cutting out some old clothes and I I was called the little girl!

“Dame Allan’s old art studio was where I learned how to wind the spool on a sewing machine and where my talents were nurtured. I have been given so many opportunities to be creative which is extremely important as a child.

After leaving school, Geneviève studied a foundation in art at Newcastle College and fashion design at the University of Northumbria.

Fashion designer Genevieve Devine is working on her latest collection.

Most recently, she graduated with a Masters in Fashion from London Art School Central Saint Martins and ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ featured on the Vogue catwalk at CSM Fashion Week.

Genevieve, who creates sustainable, handmade clothing, usually from recycled or environmentally friendly materials, is now working on a new collection and creating her own eponymous brand.

She said: “It’s all snowballed since my last collection and I’m grateful for the response to my work that I created in my bedroom during blockages throughout the final year of my masters.

“I owe a lot to those who encouraged my creativity and inspired me in my childhood, from my grandmother, who never let anything go to waste and transmitted scraps of fabric and materials so that I could do things, to Dame Allan’s, who patiently and guided me on my journey to become a fashion designer.

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