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Welcome to the 10th anniversary edition of Sun Journal Maine’s Summer Road Trip Quiz! Not even 90 wacky, crazy, and weird questions over the past nine years are enough to cover all of Maine’s interesting and obscure wonders, so we’re back on the road. Come with us.

On our travels, we’ll break the laws, fly high, and visit one of Maine’s little-known state parks. If you’re lucky, you might even end the trip with something sweet.

Are you ready? Join us, adventure awaits – if you’re not already packing your bags for a real road trip to one of our most remote locations in Maine!

1. Let’s start our journey with something strong, okay? Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy recently released its third flagship-shaped collectible bottle. Which Maine lighthouse does it look like?

a) Petit Manan Fire

b) West Quoddy Lighthouse

c) Portland Breakwater Lighthouse

2. What is the name of the Peaks Island museum that holds a Guinness World Records title?

a) The Umbrella Cover Museum

b) The Museum of Toys and Ancient Art of Maine

c) The Maine Sea Glass Museum

3. True or False: More people visited Acadia National Park than all Maine state parks combined in 2021.

a truly

b) False

4. You’ll want to grab a Moxie for this one. Which statement is NOT true about Maine’s official soft drink?

a) The Union Maine Fairgrounds is home to the Moxie Bottle House, a 33-foot-tall structure built in the image of a giant Moxie bottle.

b) Moxie’s distinctive flavor comes from the fruit of the Baobab native to Africa.

c) Ted Williams, a Red Sox player and one of the greatest hitters in baseball history, was Moxie’s spokesperson.

5. The WaCo Diner in Eastport claims to be Maine’s oldest restaurant. What year did the restaurant start serving food?

a) 1865

b) 1898

c) 1924

6. Officer, I didn’t know! What seemingly mundane activity is against the law in Wells?

a) Cycling on the sidewalk

b) Placing advertisements in cemeteries

c) Tickle a woman’s chin with a feather duster

7. In Thomaston, tourists can visit a showroom of furniture, crafts and trinkets made by whom?

a) The Amish community of Maine

b) Maximum Security Prisoners

c) The working children of the 19th century

8. How big is the giant Bean Boot outside the LL Bean flagship store in Freeport?

a) 410

b) 500

c) 620

9. Up, up and away! In which town in Maine did the first transatlantic balloon journey begin?

a) Lubec

b) Houlton

c) Almost Isle

10. Fill in the Blank: At Len Libby Candies in Scarborough, life-size _____ chocolate is the star of the store.

an original

b) Puffin

c) Lobster


Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy Petit Manan Lighthouse collectible ceramic bottle.

1. What lighthouse was the third bottle of Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy collection inspired by?

a) Petit Manan fire. Allen’s has previously created ceramic bottles to resemble West Quoddy Head Light and Portland Breakwater Lighthouse (AKA Bug Light). According to the Maine company, the third design was chosen in a “closed and enthusiastic” vote by its social media followers. The collectible stands 14 inches tall, approximately 122 feet shorter than the original.

Go ahead: A ceramic collectible is all well and good, but why not see one of Maine’s tallest lighthouses for yourself? Board a cruise departing from Bar Harbor to discover the Petit Manan Lighthouse. As a bonus, you are almost certain to see puffins and other nesting seabirds. Petit Manan Island is one of the few islands in the state where colorful birds nest.

Nancy 3. Hoffman, background, wraps up a tour of the Umbrella Cover Museum on Peaks Island for a Massachusetts family last year. File photo by Ben McCanna/Press Herald

2. Which Peaks Island museum holds a world record?

a) The Umbrella Cover Museum. In 2012, the museum was successfully recognized by Guinness World Records for having the most umbrella handles. Today, the museum has received over 2,000 covers from at least 71 countries.

Go ahead: Ditch the tourist crowds of the Old Port and set your sights on one of Maine’s lesser-known institutions. You’ll need to take the ferry from Portland to Peaks Island to see all of the museum’s colorful umbrella covers. As a bonus, you can walk or cycle the road that circles the island.

A line of hikers travels up the popular Beehive Trail near Sand Beach in Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor. Michael G. Seamans/Morning Sentinel file photo

3. Did Acadie have more visitors than all Maine state parks last year?

a truly. Visitors to New England’s only national park have exploded in recent years. in 2021, the park welcomed a record 4.07 million visitors. By comparison, Maine’s 32 state parks welcomed more than 3.3 million visitors in 2021, another record, according to state data.

Go ahead: This road trip is all about visiting the lesser-known gems of Maine. As such, we pass by Rangeley Lake, Popham Beach, and Camden Hills parks on our quest to see Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park on the eastern shore of Penobscot Bay. Located half a mile off the coast of the mainland sanctuary of Castine, the island is only accessible by boat, guaranteeing you calm and breathtaking views of the Maine coast.

The Moxie Bottle House is located at the Union Fairgrounds.

4. What is NOT true about Moxie?

b) Moxie’s distinctive flavor – some say it’s bitter – comes from gentian root, a flowering plant found in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Augustin Thompson, who was born in Union, Maine, and later moved to Lowell, Massachusetts, created the product in 1876 as a patent medicine called “Moxie Nerve Food”.

Go ahead: Where else but to see the 33 foot tall soda bottle in Union, Maine! It could very well be the largest wooden soda bottle in the world. Since its construction in 1905 by the Moxie Company, the structure has been used as a tourist attraction. Now it is in the collection of the Matthews Museum of Maine Heritage at Union Fairgrounds.

The WaCo Diner in Eastport claims to be the oldest restaurant in the state. Vanessa Paolella/Sun Diary

5. What year did Maine’s oldest restaurant open?

c) 1924. The WaCo Diner began serving food from a cart in 1924 before moving to a fixed location in the 1930s.

Go ahead: Be sure to sit on the deck, from where you can gaze across Eastport Bay to the Canadian island of Campobello. Critics recommend ordering the Reuben haddock sandwich or the fish and chips. And while you’re in Maine’s smallest town, be sure to visit Old Sow, the Western Hemisphere’s largest tidal whirlpool. Measuring 250 feet in diameter, the whirlpool is caused by the huge tides in the Bay of Fundy and the depth of the ocean floor.

Ocean View Cemetery in Wells.

6. What is illegal to do in Wells?

b) Placing advertisements in cemeteries. Truly, Wells has strict laws governing its cemeteries. As you might expect, digging up a corpse is also expressly prohibited.

Go ahead: Wells may be best known as a resort town in Maine, but it has some large and beautiful wildlife refuges near the coast, including the Rachel Carlson National Wildlife Refuge and the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve. Both reserves are excellent for nature walks and bird watching.

The Maine State Prison showroom in Thomaston sells a variety of inmate handmade items.

7. Who are the artisans behind the Thomaston showroom?

b) Maximum Security Prisoners. Every Maine State Prison inmate is required to hold a job, and a number of them create crafts for sale in the Maine State Prison showroom. The store’s slogan is “Artisans Rebuilding Their Lives – Since 1824”.

Go ahead: Assuming you don’t want to punch a ticket to the jail itself, learn about the manual labor of inmates at Thomaston. Everything from hand-carved loons and wooden clocks to painted corn-hole boards, model ships, birdhouses and more is available for purchase. The coastal town is also known for its maritime history and its museum in the streets.

The LL Bean Giant Boot is a size 410, fitting a foot length of 12 feet.

8. How big is the Bean Boot?

a) 410. According to an online calculator, a shoe size 410 would fit a 12 foot long foot.

Go ahead: Next time you pass by the LL Bean store in Freeport with your tape measure in hand, be sure to head south and visit Casco Castle. Built in 1903, the 185-foot stone tower is both majestic and bizarre.

A small commemorative balloon replica celebrating the first transatlantic voyage stands where the Double Eagle II took off at Près Isle.

9. Where did the first transatlantic balloon journey begin?

c) Almost Isle. In 1978, over 8,000 people gathered in a potato field in “The County” to watch the Double Eagle II take off. Once airborne, the balloon did not touch the ground until it reached a barley field just outside Paris after approximately 5 days and 17 hours of travel. According to the Smithsonian Magazine, 14 transatlantic balloon crossings failed before the Double Eagle II successfully completed the trip.

Go ahead: Once an unremarkable potato field, the Double Eagle launch site was later transformed into a small park with a (smaller) commemorative balloon replica celebrating the feat. When you’re done, you can check out Maine’s model of the solar system, then camp at another less-visited state park: Aroostook State Park.

Lenny the milk chocolate moose and his dark chocolate girlfriend Libby are the stars of Len Libby Candies in Scarborough.

10. What iconic Maine animal does Scarborough’s life-size chocolate sculpture look like?

an original. Weighing in at 1,700 pounds, Lenny the Moose (milk chocolate) is truly a sight to behold (but not to eat, unfortunately). Joining Lenny is Libby the 380-pound black bear and her two 80-pound cubs, Coco and Chip, all dark chocolate figurines. The four chocolate sculptures sit next to the Len Libby Candies ice cream station, keeping them cool even when hot Maine summers try to melt them.

Go ahead: You’re never too old to visit the candy store, especially when there’s a life-size chocolate moose in the picture. Come meet Maine’s favorite chocolate wonders and watch a video documenting the creation of Lenny.

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