Bombay : Bigg Boss fame and designer Rohit Verma recently said he was sexually assaulted by one of his family members. Not only that, he also talked about working as a prostitute to meet his daily needs. The famous designer shared an anecdote from his childhood and opened up about sexual abuse.

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He said, “I come from a very good family. But my family members have very old ideas. Although I was born into a good family, I was sexually abused as a child by my real uncle. I was raped by my own uncle when I was eight years old. He used to make me wear a sari, put hot wax on my body and do more horrible abusive acts. All this lasted three to four years. I never told my parents about it because of fear”.

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When asked if the male actors said whether they were gay or bisexual, he said no one was straight, everyone was bisexual. “Some people talk about it openly, others are unable to talk about it. I was in a relationship with the actor, I will not deny it. Some people do it on the sly. But I paid a heavy price for speaking out,” added Rohit Verma.

“I once had a relationship with an actor. But all of a sudden that actor started getting more work and then he started packing the goods and left,” he added further.

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