What goes best with a good tequila at Cinco de Mayo? Fries and salsa? Maybe a refreshing beach beer? Bad. The correct answer is designer sneakers.

Patrón Tequila again uses the day synonymous with tequila consumption for a delivery of branded products. Last year, the drinks brand released a line of streetwear. This year, she teamed up with designer John Geiger to create a limited-edition GF-01 sneaker inspired by the agave fields of Jalisco, Mexico, which makes this tequila toast possible.

“I am constantly inspired and impressed by Patrón,” Geiger said in a press release. “I loved working with them last year on our streetwear collection, and this is another really passion-driven collaboration. It was only fitting to go bigger and better for Cinco de Mayo, with a epic sneaker release that takes the designs we created with them last year to the next level. I was really inspired by the green you’ll see in the leather details, evoking the heart of Patrón, the piñas of agave from the fields of Jalisco, Mexico.

The sneakers feature the John Geiger logo, Patrón’s bee logo and green and white colors. They’re subtle enough that you can wear them without heavily advertising either brand, but the logos are prominent enough for someone in the know to appreciate them.

They will be available May 5 at 5 p.m. EST on the John Geiger Online Store for $250.

“Patrón has a captivating energy that brings like-minded partners together with us – these collaborators are part of our family,” said Patrón Vice President of Marketing Chloe Lloyd-Jones. “Sharing a passion for craftsmanship and bold innovation, Patrón is thrilled to team up with John again to bring this unique offering to life in time for Cinco de Mayo, a time of coming together in good company and to taste excellent cocktails.”

While sneakers aren’t necessarily as eye-catching as something closer to eye level like a t-shirt or hat, they’re an integral part of putting together an ensemble. So people are definitely noticing that. There’s a reason why brands like Vans partner with so many companies for collaborations. It’s also another example of a promotional product that gets the designer treatment and sells for relatively high prices, which does a good job of countering the “cheap swag” tag that some people attribute to it. ‘industry.

Even if you’re not a tequila fan, this is a unique color from a designer shoe company, which might be enough to interest some collectors. And then, even if they never buy a bottle of Patrón on their own, they could inspire others to do so.