While Pep Guardiola’s teams are rightly renowned for being fun to watch, the same can be said for the Manchester City boss’s sense of personal style.

From being regularly spotted in various Stone Island articles, to DSquared’s exclusive collaborations with Manchester City as a club, the Catalan boss is a pioneer both on and off the pitch.

Asked how he decides what to wear on the touchline and off the pitch, the 51-year-old shed light on his wife’s influence on his inspirational fashion choices.

My wife is so elegant, she helps me a lot [with my fashion]”, Guardiola revealed while speaking during a new feature with Sky Sports this week.


Manchester City coach continued“Before her, I was a disaster. Now I’m elegant, thanks to her.”

The City manager also credited the finances on offer at the clubs that he managed to play a role in the ‘good things‘ he has accomplished in his career, as he Explain, “All the good things in my life are created by other people; sometimes from my wife, sometimes from the money we have in the clubs..”

Although the Manchester City manager has earned due credit to his partner for his suave dress sense, Pep Guardiola has always dabbled in the fashion world, right from his time as a player.

In an interview with Mundial Magazine, David Miro – the son of legendary Catalan fashion designer Antonio Miro had revealed that Pep Guardiola asked his father if he could model at one of his shows during his playing days at Barcelona.

The former Spain international also walked the runway while still looking dapper for one of the fashion icon’s shows in the 90s.

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Along with Pep Guardiola’s signature gray cardigan he wore during the 2018/19 season also sold at charity auction to raise funds for City in the communityit’s safe to say that his wife’s fashion tips have worked wonders over the years.

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