A Plymouth couple are now paying tribute to their 3-year-old son who died suddenly over the summer, using his legacy to help other families facing similar hardships in hospital.

Robert and Tanya Hackett design Jonny bags, named after their late son.

The bags are emergency kits filled with supplies for families who show up to intensive care with nothing.

“Chapstick. Jonny’s lips were very chapped when he was on the machines, so. Things like that,” Bobby Hackett explained.

Aged 3 and a half, Jonny suffered a brain aneurysm while swimming in Plymouth this summer.

In July, the Hacketts went to intensive care with just the clothes on their backs and told Boston Children’s Hospital for several days before Jonny died on the 24thand.

Friends brought things.

“My friend brought something from his room. They caught a Mickey and one of his blankets, so in the bag is a Mickey that stayed with him the whole time we were there,” Bobby said.

On Saturday, friends and family gathered in Halifax to assemble the Jonny bags.

They plan to deliver them to Boston Children’s Hospital on Thursday.

“He’s lived an incredible life in 3 1/2 years,” said Jacqueline McCarthy, board member of the Jonny Hackett Memorial Fund. “He was the most energetic little boy. He was able to ride a bike without training wheels before he was 2 years old, so Jonny Hackett has always had a name for us locally, but now we hope he can be even greater and that his name will never be forgotten. And it’s for a good cause.”

The group has raised over $50,000 and plans to donate 15-30 bags per month.

“He’s tough. Tough, but everyone coming together makes it a little easier,” Bobby said. no support system like us.”

For more information on the Jonny Hackett Memorial Fund or to donate, click here.