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With the latest announcement, customers will now have access to hygienic dung bags certified globally as compostable by private and commercial standards. In an effort to maintain their zero plastic policy while maintaining high quality standards, Pogi’s Pet Supplies guarantees the strength and durability of their bags with increased thickness to prevent leakage.

More information is available at https://pogis.com/collections/compostable-poop-bags

Updated bag options meet the needs of every dog ​​and owner. For example, one option uses an easy-to-attach handle to provide a convenient way to lock up the poo before throwing it. The Grab and Go bags are designed with a handy dispenser that allows the bags to be easily separated and includes an easy open feature. Each order includes free shipping.

The brand aims to achieve the highest level of respect for the environment by using sustainable materials throughout its range. For example, the company uses fully recyclable cardboard cores for rolls and boxes. Their commitment has resulted in certifications from leading experts in biodegradable standards.

The bags have been listed with the Biodegradable Products Institute (the largest American certification body), European Bioplastics and TUV Rheinland. Certification by these distinguished organizations ensures that a product is biodegradable, compostable and plant-based.

In addition to poop bags, the company also offers environmentally friendly grooming wipes and training pads. The wipes are made with aloe vera, vitamin E, Hawaiian awapuhi and are made from all natural and sustainable bamboo. They are specially designed to not only clean an animal’s coat, but also to enhance its shine.

A satisfied customer said: “In the past I assumed all poop bags were the same. However, after using Pogi’s compostable poop bags with large indented tear lines and directional ‘open here’ labels, I discovered the difference a good bag can make. No longer do I have to deal with bag leaks or waste time struggling to find the open side, having ripped a bag with one hand, while holding my dog. The bags have made my life so much easier.

Interested parties can find further details at https://pogis.com/collections/compostable-poop-bags

Website: https://pogis.com/


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