BETHLEHEM, Pa. — Two men have been charged after police say they found an Instagram video of an armed robbery in Bethlehem.

Jadrien Charles Robles, 20, and Cole Rauch, 18, have been charged with robbery, common assault, robbery by unlawful seizure, receiving possession of and possession of instrumentalities of crime, according to a press release from the city ​​police.

Bethlehem Police responded to a report of an armed robbery that just happened in the North New Street and Goepp Street area on Tuesday night. A man told police he had just been confronted by Robles and Rauch.

The man told officers that the two men had displayed firearms in their belts and asked the victim to hand over his sneakers, a wallet, a backpack and a cellphone, according to the press release.

Police said the men fled the area with the victim’s belongings before police arrived.

During the investigation into the theft, Bethlehem Police found a video posted on Instagram, which described the reported theft, according to the press release. City police said the video appeared to have been recorded by one of the suspects and posted to his personal account.

Robles and Rauch were located in the 900 block area of ​​Geissinger Street around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday. One suspect was arrested after a short foot chase, and the second was found hiding in a residence, city police said.

Police say one of the suspects was wearing the victim’s sneakers which were stolen during the robbery. Additionally, police found a handgun that was used in the robbery, along with other property of the victim, according to the news release.