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Politicians try to sort out rights

Congressman Fred Keller in his bulletin for the week of Jan. 10 discussing vaccination warrants heard by the Supreme Court: “I hope the Court will rule in favor of our Constitution and affirm that Americans have the right to take health care decisions themselves. , free from government coercion.

The irony of her comments is laughable when I consider the infringement on a woman’s right to make her own reproductive choices. Either we have rights or we don’t… politicians can’t choose which ones we get or don’t. How is this justifiable?

Christine Coleman, Boalsburg

Say no to plastic bags and straws

I’m a grandmother living in Patton Township, and here’s why I’m happy to refuse plastic bags and straws:

I know I’m not responsible for the beached whale that died with a stomach full of plastic waste.

I know the sea turtle’s pain with a plastic straw stuck in its nose was not my fault.

I know I didn’t support an industry whose radioactive fracking water ends up de-icing and contaminating our roads.

I know I am not increasing the demand for plastics that is driving the development of another plant in Pennsylvania that turns fractured natural gas into the cores that this plastic waste is made of.

I know I am not adding to the number of days of school missed by poor children with asthma in places where the air is contaminated with plastic waste burned to produce energy from waste.

I know I must be grateful to live in Center County, where our leaders demonstrate the political will to reduce plastic waste and set an example for other Commonwealth communities.

Please join me and just say no to plastic bags and straws – and let’s make sure we leave our children and grandchildren with a world they can live in safely.

Joan Bouchard, State College

Focus on the real needs of the community in 2022

In 2022, State College badly needs another student housing complex and a casino in the mall. There is absolutely no need for additional homeless shelter or affordable housing or emergency services, especially when temperatures drop below 10 degrees F with minus zero wind chill. Then struggling families can find refuge in the new student housing and/or casino instead of sheltering in their cars outside a Sheetz because they can’t afford a hotel room and it There’s literally no room in the limited shelters State College can support. It is high time that local community leaders realize that behaving like ostriches and sticking their heads in the sand does not make these problems go away. In 2022, let’s focus on real community needs, not pocket nonsense.

Jackie R. Esposito, State College

New PSU builds ‘imminent horror’

The exterior rendering of the proposed liberal arts research and education building, which appeared in Tuesday’s CDT, appears to herald another unfortunate example of the kind of dark architectural style that Penn State now apparently favors.

The university and the architects associated with this project have obviously forgotten that a significant part of a student’s education is the inspiring nature of their architecture and ambiance. And it is sadly ironic that this characterless utilitarian structure is intended to house faculties associated with the heart of the humanities on campus.

The “design is subject to change,” according to the caption that accompanied the render, “as it still requires future board approval.” So it may not be too late for someone in authority to take a more informed look at this impending horror and put an end to its current setup.

Steve Grecco, State College

This story was originally published January 14, 2022 5:00 a.m.