With flooding being a serious problem in Trinidad and Tobago, an American-made product called Quick Dam flood bags to prevent water from seeping into homes is in high demand here.
The Quick Dam website states that the flood bags contain a super-absorbent powder that activates when wet and grows to full size in five to ten minutes.
Once activated, the internal gel acts as a barrier to divert problematic flood waters.
The website further states that the bags and barrier can be left in place for up to six to eight months, and can be stored and reused after hanging out to dry for 2-3 months.
Additionally, the website states that the flood barriers are water-activated and come in five-foot, ten-foot, and 17-foot lengths. The barriers absorb, swell and gel oncoming water on contact to create a long lasting barrier.
Thomas and Sons Ltd, which is located on the main eastern road, Laventille, had the flood bags and barriers in stock but is now out of stock due to high demand caused by heavy rain of the rainy season.
Speaking to the Express yesterday, manager Christian Thomas said the idea to introduce the flood prevention product came over a year ago as business premises were flooded during the rainy season .
“The owner (of the building) has started to explore options because where Thomas and Sons Limited is located it gets flooded during heavy downpours. We went to the site and contacted the company. The first order was shipped, about a week or two ago and as of this week it is completely sold out. It was also due to all the flood warnings from the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service,” Thomas said.
He said the company had purchased a few hundred flood bags, but said it would triple its next order, which is expected to arrive in about two weeks.
“We are delighted with the response from people. The owner and I have both used the bags at home and have been impressed. It can also be used up to ten times,” he said.
Thomas said the company will soon consider purchasing flood protection barriers for construction sites.
The cost of flood bags at Thomas and Sons is 12″ x 24″ 2 packs – $181.42; six packs $483.72 and ten packs $792.79.
Five-leg gates cost $181.24; ten feet – $303.75 and the 17 foot flood barrier is priced at $484.48.
The Express did some checking and found that Peake Trading on the Western Main Road in Port of Spain was also selling flood bags.
Checks were also made with major hardware stores, but some were hearing about the products for the first time or were not selling them.
Krishna Ramlagan of Ramlagan’s General Hardware & Electrical in Couva, told the Express that all he was selling were bags to fill with sand to prevent flooding, but said he was very interested in Quick Dam products. and that he would examine it before the end of the day yesterday.