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September 22, 2022 | 4:08 p.m.

MANILA, Philippines — The seventh episode of “Drag Race Philippines” was emotional and memorable for viewers, amplified by the slew of commentary from fashion designer and alternating judge Rajo Laurel.

The episode’s theme track had two parts, “Shopulence, She Buys Everything!” and “Divi-Divas”. For the first, contestants had to dress up as extravagant shoppers, while in the second, they were asked to create outfits from materials purchased from Divisoria.

The “Shopulence, she buys everything!” The segment ranged from a Heart Evangelista knockoff to a Filipino-Chinese-inspired runway, while the “Divi-Divas” had outfits consisting of rags, fans, eco-bags and other shopping at the market at the fleas.

Laurel’s comments for contestant Eva Le Queen, however, became a hot topic online when he said, “I’m fierce because I know you can do better, and I’m tough because I’ve seen what you can do, and that’s trash.”

Other words Laurel used were “deadly sin”, “atrocity” and “ugly”, which Eva Le Queen coolly accepted.

Twitter users compared Laurel to judges on sister show “Canada’s Drag Race,” while comparisons closer to home sounded like a “terrorist” college professor at lectures and thesis defenses.

“It’s understandable to stir up drama for a TV show. But Rajo Laurel tonight was way trashier than that dress. Nasty, disrespectful and hateful,” one user said while another said, “I’m utterly TASTED by the way Rajo Laurel treated Eva. Hearing that was so heartbreaking and no one ever deserves to be treated that way.”

Competitors from other editions of ‘Drag Race’ launched their own comments with Jasmine Kennedie saying, “[Eva’s] outfit is way better than anything that came out of the sewing challenges this year,” while Kandy Muse dared to throw a shoe at Laurel for her comments.

Eva Le Queen ended up in Bottom 2 but was saved after winning the “Lip Sync For Your Life” challenge against Viñas DeLuxe, who had twisted her foot earlier in the episode.

The rescued drag queen released a statement on her social media accounts hours after the seventh episode was released, thanking fans for their support and that she and Laurel had made amends.

“To Sir Rajo, thank you for reaching out and straightening things out. In better days, let’s have that fine dinner and drinks!” Eva LeQueen wrote.

In the same statement, Eva Le Queen hailed fellow drag queen Viñas DeLuxe as “the best lipsyncer in the country” with undeniable talent.

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