James Oresanya’s dedication, hard work, passion and vision have brought him to the racks of the fashion realm and earned him a lot of love and recognition.

We have seen and witnessed the emergence of the present golden age of the generation that produced talent in abundance. The more we see around us, the more we will see super talented individuals who have broken many records to prove their mettle and swallow their name among us. But how many of them have achieved this feat in the face of enormous levels of adversity. There have been few motivated individuals who have overcome many obstacles and challenges in life to strive and emerge as real winners in the end. These passionate professionals have spared no effort to carve out a special place for themselves in their respective fields and gain much recognition and popularity through their stellar work. Let’s meet one of those astute entrepreneurs who has reached great heights in the fashion industry: James Oresanya.

Born and raised in Lagos, a nation that had faced much turmoil and suffering, James emerged from the clutches of misery, breaking down societal barriers, defeating conservative and traditional approaches to emerge as a trailblazer in the world. fashion industry. James has established himself as a competent fashion designer in the UK. Who would have thought that a father of two from Lagos would make it to the real UK fashion grounds and receive countless accolades and accolades for his stellar work ethic and highest level of professionalism. Well, hardly anyone would have given him a chance to succeed. But here is a man whose sheer resilience and vision to rise to the top and never let failure stop him from achieving his dreams succeeded with his attitude of never saying die.

James shed a lot of light on his life and suffering through the popular social media platform YouTube and made his story a true example for many others to follow. Today he has reached such heights as a fashion designer in UK that he now owns his brand “JCCLUB” which has largely conquered the fashion industry. JCCLUB’s unique and creative fashion collection has been a huge success, especially its streetwear collection for men and women. James hooked up Rebecca Mcallister, the famous playboy model who is now the face of James’ clothing label “JCCLUB”.

Taking the fashion industry by storm in no time, James and his brands have featured in Times Square in New York City. This was the response from the crowd that James was highly motivated to further develop his talents and potential to the next level. James is of the opinion that “Just believe in yourself and keep chasing your dreams, success will definitely be yours.”

For more info, visit their website www.james-clothing.co.uk and follow them on Instagram @ jamesclothing.mcr.

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