Allen Iverson crossed paths with Michael Jordan as a rookie and never looked back. He paved the way for a very personal path in the league that imposed consistency on players at the time, influencing games that still feel on and off the pitch. His praise is endless. Eleven All-Stars, Rookie of the Year and three All-NBA First Teams stand out. However, what didn’t make the list of accomplishments is arguably the most iconic moment in his famous career. It cannot be included. Because neither the Pulling Nasty Shit All-NBA team nor the Kia-sponsored trophy that trampled the reputation of the man on the hardwoods under Reebok’s heels. But when the Iverson statue was erected in his home state of Virginia (which will happen soon), it was just one moment in Iverson’s illustrious career. It is one more step. And now the shoes he wore at the most iconic moment of his career are back.

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AI has been a scraper and a success, but nobody expects their injured Sixers to fight the Lakers to beat the world when the team plays in the 2001 finals. I didn’t. And in the end, I couldn’t win the first game until the Lakers brought back the next four games. Still, Iverson’s Game 1 was the legendary heroic night of basketball, with the Sixers icon ending at the crudest moment in modern Hoop history. On the way back to court. It was Iverson’s mind. The losing dog couldn’t steal the game just because he wanted to miss the basketball world for a second.

“It was his liveliest AI. He was the most obsessive pitcher, ”Dallas Mavericks forward (and Reebok athlete) Josh Richardson told GQ. “If he wanted to be by your side, he was by your side. Before, during or after the game – if you were on hardwood and dressed in black and gold Otherwise you were the next person. It didn’t matter if it was around you, through you or above you. And if you had to look stupid, then that’s it. He has always been the first competitor. “

Iverson’s first signature shoe, the Reebok Question, is perhaps the most beloved shoe in its signature line. However, he wore Answer IV throughout the 2000-01 season, and his year of career culminated with a trip to the finals and jumps. That season, he won the league title with AI’s Net MVP, All-Star MVP, goal scorers and stolen bases. It’s a kind of race that immortalizes the player, a kick that he carries along the way.

The Answer IV isn’t a timeless silhouette, but it’s a 2001 inspired shoe, from the distressed leather and chunky molds to the eye-catching hidden lace zipper in the middle of the shoe. But shoes don’t have to be as timeless as classics. Reebok recently relaunched the quickly sold out red and white color shoes. It proves that there are still a lot of fans hungry for the vintage hoop vibe.

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