A total of 939 police officers were awarded medals including the Police Medal for Bravery on the occasion of the Republic Day 2022. Police officers in Jammu and Kashmir were awarded 115 Police Medals for Bravery , the highest number of any police force this year, followed by CRPF with 30, Chhattisgarh Police with 10, Odisha Police with nine and Maharashtra Police with seven.

No less than 134 people were awarded for their courageous action in the Jammu and Kashmir region, 47 people for their courageous action in the areas affected by the left-wing extremist and one for their courageous action in the North- East. While 88 police officers received the President’s Police Distinguished Service Medal, 662 received the Police Meritorious Service Medal.

In addition to bravery and service medals for the police, 42 fire service personnel were awarded fire service medals on Republic Day. Out of 42 medals, one was awarded the President’s Fire Department Medal for Bravery while two were awarded the Fire Department Medal for Bravery for their respective acts of gallantry and gallantry.

The President’s Medal for Bravery, President’s Medal for Exemplary Service, Medal of Bravery, and Meritorious Service Medals are awarded to fire service, civil defense, and home guard personnel annually on Republic Day and Independence Day.

Republic Day celebrations began on January 23 with the 125th birthday of iconic freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose.

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