Have you ever had to race during the “passing storm” season? Well, here’s a simple hack that we could definitely file under “why haven’t I thought about it” but, now that we’ve shared it here, you don’t have to – just go out and To find take the correct size bag and place it on your handles before the rain starts. Here’s this week’s Rigger Trick: The Oar Bag.

Considering the odds are, well, high by at least a few drops if you’re one of the nearly 200 programs gathered in Sarasota for the National Youth Championships return this week, we thought this tip would be timely – and there is certainly still time to head to the Home Depot on University Parkway to pick up some bags that could serve this pretty nifty purpose.

Now the hackers who taught us this trick are clearly pros, using an old bag of North Sails jib. A cover originally designed for blue waters would certainly withstand almost any Florida downpour and keep your handles dry and ready to go when the sun comes back. But, just because a hack is professional grade and even a little overbuilt, doesn’t mean you can’t steal a great idea and make it your own with just about anything you can find that will make it work. – and you even adapt it to the size of the crew you are training.

These guys used this 24×36 “bag to take care of eight full oars, but an old camp chair bag would serve as handles for one or two skiers, and the quad and sweep coaches could get us everything from a bag. handy trash can to those those cheap but super waterproof blue bags you can buy from IKEA – and we’ve seen these IKEA bags used to all kinds of uses on regatta day, from serving as a shoe “bucket” (yes, of course, you don’t already have any of these ready-made tips) for wrapping the fans on travel ergs to keep them dry and free of chippings.

In its simplest form, this hack is a way to keep handles out of the elements between runs, but the real rigger’s advice here is to use these bags in transit as well: keep the most contact point. Importantly your rig sticks dirt and grime free, no matter how many miles you have traveled between your spot and the next big race. That ranks this trick all the way up with the Handle Handler and those sock boat straps as ways to make the trailer even smoother on your gear.

Got a cool hack that makes your crews weatherproof and more ready to rumble after the storm has passed? If applicable, share your tips and tricks in the comments below.

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