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When it comes to walking and standing all day without interruption, nurses are pros. To stay focused and comfortable during long shifts, healthcare professionals depend on soft, sturdy, supportive shoes that work as hard as they do. Luckily, one brand has designed a super comfortable sneaker with nurses in mind and since their launch has received rave reviews from essential workers. Even better? You can buy these same sneakers on sale by adding them to your cart.

Designed for 12-hour shifts, the aptly named Bala Twelves trainers have been beta tested by nurses for comfort and orthopedic benefits like knee support. Along with being fluid resistant and machine washable, these sneakers have non-slip traction, shock-absorbing cushioning and built-in arch support. To manage foot swelling after hours of standing, the Twelves are constructed with a knit exterior that contours and moves with your foot. Plus, everyone from intensive care workers to teachers swear they’re “worth every penny.”

“I wear my Balas for everything…walking, shopping, dining out…you name it and I wear my Balas to get there,” one reviewer said. A nurse at the clinic who used to come home with sore legs and feet at the end of every shift wrote that she “hasn’t felt any pain in her feet or legs since I started. started wearing these shoes”. A vet tech added that the extra support from the shoes even relieved their hip and back pain, making them feel like they “can beat anything” their 12-hour shifts.

To experience the sneakers, a geriatric nurse said they “are definitely a foot saver” after 10 hours on your feet, go to wearebala.com and add the Twelves to your basket, where 15% will be automatically subtracted from your total.