Winter is finally starting to melt, with brighter evenings and warmer temperatures setting in and bringing with them an uplift in mood. But as we get carried away with how much time we have to be social, it can be easy to forget to improve your shoe rotation. Luckily, SSENSE is here to remind us. Spring shoes are on the cards, and that means some changes are in order.

We were big on boots this winter, and when we weren’t wearing boots, we stuck to the tried-and-tested GORE-TEX uppers and rugged trainers almost always in black colourways. But, with less harsh weather conditions, opt for spring shoes with brighter colors and lighter constructions. Sure, there might be a pesky downpour here and there, but overall your Vibram soles can take a break in favor of lightweight sneakers from Gucci, Casablanca and the like.

Along with a renewed take on sneakers, we’re translating our winter love for boots with a focus on leather shoes in our spring footwear rotation. While we didn’t want to walk around in the snow in mules or loafers, that didn’t mean our love for them was gone. Now, with spring here, we can let that love shine with selections from Toga Virilis, Farewell, and more.

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Spring sneakers

Of course, sneakers are our priority. Perfecting the transition consists of performing a masterful balancing act. We’re talking about equal consideration of utility and style.

Pairs like Gucci’s new Run sneaker are the lightweight, summery styles we’ve been talking about while pairs like Boris Bidjan Saberi’s Bamba 5 and New Balance’s XC72 combine sturdy soles with mesh uppers and brighter colors. vivid to survive potential weather hazards as well as adapting to a new season color palette.

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Bumpr Sneakers

Bamba 5 sneakers

Odesa sneakers

Casablanca XC72

Blakey sneakers

Spring shoes

After fashion’s love affair with boots this winter, it’s a little hard to let go of the look. But it is possible to closely translate the look into the new season.

The slingback loafers from Toga Virilis and the Venom2 loafers from Rombaut are bold choices filled with attitude: both formal and playful thanks to their silver details. But given the clearer weather, you might prefer to opt for something in a lighter shade for more style potential: Vinny’s furry loafers and Adieu’s Type 175 Oxfords are MVPs in this category. .

Vinny's moccasins

Slingback loafers

Intrecciato sneakers

Loafers Venom2

Oxfords Type 175

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