The last night of fall-winter 2022 Arab Fashion Week the shows brought a packed hall. In Dubai’s Design District (d3), four brands presented their collections: Zeena Zaki, Michael Leyva, RC Caylan and Michael Cinco brought a standing room and a full show.

Returning to physical shows after the pandemic, which has put a lot of real-life shows on hiatus over the past two years, the Arab Fashion Council and their strategic partner d3 have made Covid a safe week. Jacob Abrian, CEO of Arab Fashion Council and Mohammed Aqra, Chief Strategy Officer set the stage for a busy week of international and regional talent showcasing their talent, as well as breakout sessions of their Board discussions at a roundtable that was held earlier in the evening. Backstage buzzed with makeup artists, hairdressers and hairdressers Fadi Nasr, known for styling the Miss Lebanon pageant, has created all of the models’ looks over the past four days.

Zeena Zaki

Zaki was unable to attend but her show began with a video chat from Costa Rica, inviting viewers to enjoy her new collection. Filled with stylish evening wear with long and short looks, this is a practical yet very stylish collection. Lots of silver and black sequins that will catch the attention of Arab women. But other pieces will suit the Western market, such as black evening dresses with spaghetti straps, off the shoulders, leather looks and jumpsuits. It’s a fun collection for women of all cultures.

Starting her career as a fashion designer creating for friends and family, Zaki launched his eponymous label in 2003 in the United Arab Emirates. Dreamy, she makes herself and also parades at Paris Fashion Week. Her strength is her ability to know what women want, highlighting in her designs areas that women may want to show more or less.

Michael leyva

Filipino designer Michael leyva was not supposed to be a fashion designer. He had positioned himself to enter the tourism industry but his creativity took root. Tonight he presented a couture collection filled with pearls and volumes. Bright yellows and deep pinks, in various shades of greens, blacks, reds, as well as men’s looks complete the collection. Off the shoulders, high slits, long bell-sleeve coats accompany dresses, and deep V-neck dresses offer drama and sophistication. For men, everyday athletic looks, shorts paired with a button-down shirt and a sweater in olive green, yellow, turquoise and red suits, make for fun looks with masculine cuts and cuts.

RC Caylan

Creation of a collection of subtle Asian touches from floral patterns and cuts on the dresses. With a color palette ranging from orange, green, turquoise, black, blue, pink and velvet green, this is a collection of intricate details and cuts. The designer created knee-length jumpsuits, as well as dresses with flowing trains.

While RC Caylan is a designer that is both traditional and contemporary, he ensures that his creations are unique and sophisticated. His grandmother, seamstress of the school uniform was his first inspiration. And today, the Michigan-based designer creates dresses, bridal gowns and suits for men with couture details.

Michael cinco

Michael cinco, another Filipino but Dubai-based designer brought a full house as he closed Arab Fashion Week. With a line that circled the fashion building connoisseurs queuing to get in, every seat was full, as was the balcony. By changing the flooring, Cinco and his team installed a custom printed flooring. A total couture collection, Cinco wowed the room with its bewitching looks. A collection of details, colors and tailoring craftsmanship, each piece has been crafted with high quality and standards of design and production. Dresses with flaming shoulders but adorned with feathers at the bottom, as well as shimmering gold, green and cream dresses filled the collection. Cinco created bespoke glittery suits for men with detailed beaded blazers.

But what has delighted the hearts of the public is the inclusiveness of the models chosen by Cinco. A model with a prosthetic leg stepped out in a black dress, short in the front with a long train. Immediately, the audience cheered as she walked down the track. A second model came out with a prosthetic arm. And a curvy model paraded past to applause, because that was Cinco’s way of saying beauty comes in all shapes, shapes, sizes, and if you’re missing any part of your body, you’re everything. as important as anyone else. For the final, Cinco made a spectacular entry onto the runway, walking to the end with models behind him.

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