Business students at Mid-America Christian University recently broke a Guinness World Record by creating the longest line of sleeping bags in the world.

Students lined up 550 sleeping bags on the university’s campus in South Oklahoma City, breaking the previous record of 253 set in India in 2016. The sleeping bags were then distributed to charities and churches to help Oklahoma residents in need.

Sleeping bags used by Mid-America Christian University business students to break a Guinness World Record have been donated to local charities and churches to help Oklahomans in need.

Almost all of the sleeping bags were purchased by students, who raised funds in various ways throughout the semester to fund the project. Students detailed cars, made and sold dyed clothes, held bake sales, prepared holiday-themed baskets for Valentine’s Day and Easter, provided cleaning services to local businesses, and sold sporting goods used via Facebook Marketplace to raise the necessary funds.

Several agencies received some of the sleeping bags, including The Homeless Alliance in Oklahoma City and First Baptist Church of Norman and Mission Norman.

The project was organized by MACU business professor Coleman Patterson and has played a key role in several of his business classes this semester.

“This project was good on so many levels,” Patterson said. “All of my students now have first-hand experience of how an idea can be brought to life with vision, passion, commitment, teamwork and organization. More importantly, hundreds of people in the OKC metro area are helped through to this project.”