When we talk about sneaker culture in India, we think of the high-end Jordans and Yeezys sitting in a sneakerhead’s closet, and the lengths this community of collectors goes to to nab a recently released pair. One such sneakerhead, Sangeet Paryani, founded Superkicks and turned his love interest into a full-fledged business. Superkicks started when Paryani identified a huge gap in the Indian market as the availability of global sneakers was limited. With the opening of Superkicks, the gap in the market has been closed and sneaker fans have had access to some of the best and coolest pieces around the world.

Dedicated to bringing limited editions, heritage styles, contemporary silhouettes and booming streetwear, Paryani has managed to create an empire. “In starting Superkicks, I wanted to create an Indian brand that gave access to a variety of global brands that operated in the space, so I’m naturally very invested in the streetwear universe. I’ve always loved shoes, because of the nature of my family business. I was fascinated by the world of sneakers and the sense of expression they brought with them. Streetwear and sneakers bring me a sense of creativity, individuality and freedom “, he details.

We have to agree on the meaning of the phrase – half of Kanye West’s fans entered fashion thanks to the launch of Yeezy. The pandemic has led people to divert their energy in new ways towards social media trends, one of them being the streetwear boom. This gave birth to a new generation of sneaker lovers in India – saving money or following social media trends – ultimately leading to shaping streetwear culture, in general, in India.

“The visibility of trends through social media, music and international blogs has played a huge role in the rise of streetwear culture in India. Influencer Instagram feeds, brand social pages and editorial posts have enabled virtual access for people in India who want to engage with culture at a grassroots level and beyond. Local brands have also been a major catapulting force behind this boom, with labels such as Jaywalking, NoughtOne and Huemn offering world-class collections with localized accessibility.

Influences matter a lot in the world of sneakers. The essence of taking elements from different cultures and turning them into a commodity is something that has been central to the streetwear wave. Paryani believes that streetwear grew out of these subcultures, grew out of a certain lifestyle trend, and then made its way into fashion. “You can see influences from skateboarding, surfing, hip-hop, sports and other similar subcultures that have a significant impact on today’s modern interpretation of streetwear. It’s a form of casual clothing that is embraced by today’s major fashion houses. It’s a form of expression that really resonates with her creativity. We see it in simple drops, communication on social networks, collaborations and new brand launches.

The evolution of streetwear has catapulted itself over the years, and just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s a young genius doing something out of the blue that makes us wonder. The future of Superkicks looks bright. The brand launches its own clothing line, titled “Superkicks Core”, marking its debut in the clothing category. Paryani explains: “We are currently in the planning phase for the second collection. We recently launched our Superkicks pop-up store in Guwahati and have become the only sneaker store in the northeast.

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