Take out a loan insurance when you wear a pacemaker

Be aware that the loan insurance of the bank may not be granted because it only covers the average risk of the standard population and wearing a pacemaker is classified in the “aggravated health risks”, which are “exclusions” from this type of contract. And without the provision of loan insurance to secure a mortgage, no bank lends money.

Guarantee your loan when you wear a pacemaker

Guarantee your loan when you wear a pacemaker

Play the competition between insurers to find a loan insurance policy adapted to the management of your aggravated health risk pacemaker! The “group contract” of the banks is a group insurance whose principle is to spread the risks between the insured and not generally covering the aggravated health risks, the business risks and the sports or leisure risks. The fact that you wear a pacemaker is an aggravated health risk, you must find the insurers who will agree to secure your mortgage and choose the best insurance contract health risk pacemaker market.

Start looking for the best loan insurance pacemaker

Thanks to the Congilaw company of 1 September 2010, borrowers can subscribe, if they wish, other loan insurance than that of the bank. It is then a “delegation of insurance”. So you have the opportunity to compete between insurance companies and specialized insurers to choose the pacemaker loan insurance contract that will present the lowest price and guarantees best suited to your situation.

Compare the specific health risk loan insurance pacemaker

Compare the specific <a href=health risk loan insurance pacemaker” width=”637″ height=”425″ />

Using Loan Insurance’s cheap online loan insurance comparator, you’ll quickly and directly compare the best pacemaker risk-specific loan insurance offerings from leading insurers and risk companies. aggravated health.

  • Comparator insurance pacemaker loan
  • Pacemaker credit insurance rate
  • Guaranteed customized study
  • Follow-up of a dedicated advisor

Delegate your risk insurance loan pacemaker with insurance-of-loan-not-expensive!

Making the choice to delegate your insurance with the Insurance-Loan-Not-Expensive broker is to get the best pacemaker loan insurance contract out there and be certain that your bank will accept it. With insurance-of-loan-not-expensive, you insure your mortgage in the best conditions!

AERAS convention device

AERAS (Insurance and Borrowing with an Enhanced Health Risk) the device helps people with an increased health risk in order to find a solution for them to ensure and thus access the loan.

  • insurance delegation
  • the AERAS convention
  • the Congilaw company and Mahon Law


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