There are many ways the school no longer looks what it used to be before spring 2020. Among them: social distancing, masks and no common toys or sharing of school supplies amid COVID-19.

Which makes one of the funniest parts of school – recess – more tricky for teachers. Where children were once allowed to run free and share toys, it is now against the rules in many areas.

A teacher has found a way to keep recess fun while adhering to COVID protocols. Jennifer Beach, a kindergarten teacher from Baltimore, Maryland, came up with the idea for “play bags” during the 2020-2021 school year.

“I got the idea because when we went back to a hybrid model, our students couldn’t share anything during recess and couldn’t use the playground equipment,” Beach told Fox News.


“I thought bags would be the best way for kids to carry their individual items,” she continued.

The other kindergarten teachers followed suit.

“It was hard to find things the kids could use individually while still being attractive for everyday use. I tried skipping ropes, chalk, sunglasses and bubbles,” Beach said.

Its students are allowed to use play equipment this school year, but on a rotating schedule because the classes cannot be shared. Beach told Fox News that the play bags will be used the three days a week they are not on the playing field.

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Parents, Beach said, appreciate the individual children’s supplies. And while the kids are excited about the bags and love taking them home at the end of the year, they “really just wanted to play on the playground.”

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