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If you’ve run a race in the past few years in a shoe that features a carbon fiber propulsion plate built into the midsole, you know how great this light, efficient and energetic ride is. But you’ve probably also wanted that same feel in the shoes you train in every day of the week. Saucony has answered that need with the Endorphin Speed, featuring a nylon plate that sits midway between a carbon-plated racing shoe and an everyday trainer.

Now in its third edition, the Saucony Endorphin Speed ​​evolves with every ride. It is an exceptional shoe because it is light, comfortable, energetic and, potentially, very fast. Its very reactive midsole foam and nylon propulsion plate deliver a smooth ride with maximum energy return with every stride. It gives him a bit of a split personality between a race-ready high-performance speedster and an everyday trainer. But it’s also a versatile shoe that feels just as good at slower speeds as it does at faster speeds.

Smooth ride with the Saucony Endorphin Speed ​​3 (Photo: Courtesy of Saucony)

Saucony Endorphine Speed ​​3, $170

  • Lester: 7.2 oz.
  • Heel-toe offset: 8mm heel-to-toe drop (36mm heel, 28mm forefoot)
  • Type: Neutral everyday training shoe

What’s new?

Saucony has found a way to make this shoe slightly better once again. The biggest updates to the Endorphin Speed ​​3 from the previous edition are an updated nylon plate, a slightly thicker midsole and a slightly wider base. With a 2mm thicker layer of PWRRUN PB foam than previous editions and a more stable makeup, this is essentially a maximum-cushioned, everyday training shoe that works like a performance trainer. The updated plate features side wings that add to the feeling of propulsion with every stride. The slightly wider base (7mm wider in the heel and 5mm wider in the forefoot) improves the shoe’s inherent stability.

Who is it for ?

If you’re a runner looking for a lightweight, well-cushioned shoe with a snappy feel, you’ll love the Endorphin Speed ​​3. She’s nimble and versatile enough to run at any pace and tackle any type of workout with ease. It can also be an ideal running shoe for all distances, from a mile to a marathon. At faster paces you’ll feel the spring in your stride, but even at slower paces you’ll experience the magic of what this shoe is all about.

It’s great for long runs, pace runs, fartlek workouts, and longer trail intervals, but it’s also a shoe you’ll love for slower recovery runs too. If you rely primarily on a shoe in your quiver, the Endorphin Speed ​​3 is a high-mileage workhorse and speed shoe all in one, offering a win-win for space in your shoe closet as well. than your hard-earned dollar.

Saucony Endorphin Speed ​​3 Peach
sdsd (Photo: Courtesy of Saucony)

Saucony Endorphin Speed ​​3: Benefits

  • The Endorphin Speed ​​3 provides a soft, bouncy feel when your foot hits the ground, but feels slightly firmer and more energized as you begin to roll through the midfoot into the toe phase of a stride. .
  • Unlike high-end marathon running shoes which are bouncy but generally stiff, the Endorphin Speed ​​3 offers a more accommodating feel thanks to a moderate flex pattern that bends slightly as your foot rolls forward.
  • The Endorphin Speed ​​3 gets high marks for forward propulsion and energy return, especially when running fast with longer strides and higher cadence. It can allow you to run longer and further with a lower metabolic cost than other shoes.
  • The energetic feel is created by the resilient foam of the PWRRUN PB midsole, the rocker shape of the SpeedRoll Geometry and the curved nylon plate integrated into the midsole. The foam is both absorbent and responsive, meaning it absorbs impact with the ground, but also captures much of that energy from below and converts it into forward propulsion.
  • The Endorphin Speed ​​3 fits true to size with a medium volume interior in the heel and midfoot and some wiggle room in the toe box. The upper moves and stretches while keeping your feet locked to the underfoot frame and allowing you to land accurate and efficient strikes.
  • You’ll appreciate this shoe for its comfort and fast performance on long runs. Extremely energetic and smooth as butter, this is a shoe that won’t hurt your feet and lower legs for a long time, and will speed up your recovery for your next workout.
  • The outsole features sections of exposed foam and high abrasion carbon rubber to reduce weight, provide reliable traction and maintain durability.

Saucony Endorphin Speed ​​3: The inconvenients

  • Like many tall, max-cushioned shoes, the Endorphin Speed ​​3 feels exceptionally high off the ground. If you don’t like that feel – or if you like a shoe with better ground feel or more agility – then you might not like his shoe.
  • Saucony has rolled out the doors with edgy, eye-catching designs on the upper for the second edition of the Endorphin Speed. This third version isn’t as dynamic, but the performance of the shoe more than makes up for it.
  • The Endorphin Speed ​​3 costs $10 more than the previous edition. The new price of $170 puts it in the same range as many other high-end performance trainers and, given the vast upgrades.

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