Whether you’re looking for the extra height or just love the aesthetics of daddy sneakers, a great pair of chunky shoes is a wardrobe staple. The best chunky sneakers are comfortable enough to be worn all day and have at least a 1 inch platform.

The most important consideration when buying chunky sneakers is the height of the platform, which will determine both how comfortable your shoes are and how high they will give you. A 1-inch platform is a great height for anyone planning to walk long distances or spend hours on your feet, while a platform of 2 inches or more can make a pair of sneakers look taller. avant-garde. Platform height is totally a matter of personal preference, so think about your lifestyle and how you’re likely to style your new sneakers.

Sneakers can be made from a variety of materials, from 100% cotton canvas to genuine leather or man-made materials. Cotton and some synthetics are extremely breathable, which is great for anyone with a tendency to sweaty feet. Leather sneakers are also breathable, durable and have a luxury look and feel, and they are also relatively easy to maintain. Whichever material you choose, it’s a good idea to invest in sneaker cleaners to keep your shoes fresh.

As a sneakerhead myself, I’ve loved putting together this list of the best chunky sneakers you can buy on Amazon – and most are $ 50 or less.


Fila’s favorite streetwear sneaker

the Fila Disruptor sneakers is a streetwear classic, combining the aesthetics of the chunky platform sneaker in a lightweight and comfortable style. The platform sole gives almost 2 inches of extra height and is made from a comfortable combination of EVA with a rubber outsole. These sneakers have over 11,400 five-star ratings on Amazon and are available in 24 different colors.

One fan praised: “I love them. My husband kept calling them old orthopedic shoes but I didn’t care !! They are so cute !! I had him do a photoshoot of me wearing them just because ^. ^ They remind me of the Spice Girls platform shoes and that’s exactly what I got them for – totally lived up to my 90s girl dreams! I’ve received so many compliments already !! “

  • Available colors: 24
  • Sizes available: 5 – 12.5


A pair of affordable Tie-Dye platform sneakers

These tie-dye slip-on sneakers cost less than $ 25 and are super cute and comfy. The slip-on style makes them easy to put on and take off, and the 1.25-inch platform adds a bit of height without making it difficult to walk. The sockliner provides additional cushioning and the sneakers are made from synthetic materials.

One fan praised: “Thinking I was going to spend $ 90 on a pair of Steve Maddens. These shoes are so comfortable! Doooooo! “

  • Available colors: 23
  • Sizes available: 5.5 – 11


These colorful platform sneakers under $ 40

A pair of color block platform sneakers can be styled in so many ways, and this pair has the added bonus of only costing $ 33. This retro-inspired shoe features fun holographic details and a speckled pattern on the outsole, and the platform wedge heel adds just over 2 inches of height. The upper is made of PU synthetic leather, and the material of the insole and outsole is not listed. Note that the brand and reviewers have recommended increasing the height, especially if you have wider feet.

One fan praised: “I love these sneakers. They are not only comfortable but stylish. I have received many compliments and plan to order more. ”

  • Available colors: 11
  • Sizes available: 6 – 11


A pair of chunky Reeboks in pretty neutral tones

These Reebok Aztrek Trainers offer classic style in a contemporary neutral color palette. They have a rubber sole combined with a leather and textile upper that is both soft and breathable, and the lace-up closure makes it easy to adjust. The stacked midsole adds about an inch of height, according to reviews. I have a pair of Reebok Aztreks, and that’s my pair of sneakers by far – I wear them literally everywhere, with everything from maxi skirts to workout clothes.

One fan praised: “I needed a pair of plain white shoes, they were cute. They adjust to the size and are also quite comfortable. These give dad a sneaker vibe, but don’t make your feet look huge, which I LOVE! “

  • Available colors: 8
  • Sizes available: 5 – 14


Some classic Sketchers sneakers with a platform heel

These sporty Sketchers sneakers were originally popular in the 90s, and they are making a comeback. The upper is 100% leather with a lace up closure and the rubber outsole provides stability and support. Thanks to the padded collar and EVA midsole, these sneakers are also extremely comfortable, even with their 1.5 inch platform heel.

One fan praised: “I bought a pair of Skechers Energy “Atomic” sneakers in 2010 and believe it or not these are still my good pair of sneakers … other than a few scuffs they look new …. J decided to upgrade my sneaker and I chose these because they are pretty much the same as my previous pair! They are comfortable and well adjusted. ”

  • Available colors: 5
  • Sizes available: 5 – 11 wide


These all-white platform sneakers that Amazon reviewers love

A pair of white platform sneakers is a versatile addition to any wardrobe, and these Superga sneakers have over 1,700 five-star ratings on Amazon. These shoes are mostly made from natural materials, with a breathable 100% cotton fabric upper and natural rubber outsole. The 2 inch platform adds good height and the sneakers come in 21 colors.

One fan praised: “Great, I love these shoes. I get compliments about them all the time. They didn’t give me any blisters either, and I catch them very easily. I love the little lift they give me and the way they stretch my legs. “

  • Available colors: 21
  • Sizes available: 5 – 10


A pair of retro-inspired Nike Air Max sneakers

These Nike Air Max Low Tops offer the perfect blend of style and functionality. They have a trotted outsole to give traction and stability and the upper is made of synthetic and breathable materials, which is ideal for those who tend to get sweaty feet while wearing sneakers. Neon accents add to the retro aesthetic, and these are the most workout-friendly sneakers on this list, since The Nike Airs were originally designed to soften the impact of running.

One fan praised: “Nike Air Max shoes are awesome […] The support is excellent and I love the colors. ”

  • Available colors: 1
  • Sizes available: 6 – 10


This chunky version of the original Adidas sneakers

For a new take on a classic, these adidas platform sneakers dress up the brand’s signature kicks by adding a 1 inch platform. These shoes feature a textile upper with adidas stripes on the sides and a non-marking rubber outsole. Reviewers love the comfort of these platforms, but they recommended thinking about size carefully, as some say these shoes are great.

One fan praised: “I LOVE these shoes! They are incredibly comfortable! I will highly recommend these. “

  • Available colors: 7
  • Sizes available: 4.5 – 11


Some bright high tops that come in adult sizes

Yes it’s luminous sneakers are for adults, and they’re backed by an impressive 2,600 five-star ratings on Amazon. They have a synthetic upper and a rubber sole with integrated LED lights that have eight different settings, so you can customize the look and feel of your sneaker at any time. These shoes have a hidden switch inside that controls the lights, and they come with a USB charging cable.

One fan praised: “Ok so I bought them in the color gold a few months ago […] Let me tell you, there isn’t a single place I can wear them without getting complimented on their style. I am a high school teacher and my students turned around when they saw them light up. The lights work flawlessly and have many different settings including solid color light, flashing blue, and color change. ”

  • Available colors: 9
  • Sizes available: 4.5 – 13


A pair of daddy sneakers with neon accents

This pair of daddy chunky sneakers has subtle neon accents, so you can add some color to your shoe collection without going overboard. They’re made from a combination of PU leather and PVC, and reviewers have noted that the platform adds around 2 inches in height. If you want something a little more quirky, these sneakers are also available in rainbow, metallic, and all-neon color palettes.

One fan praised: “By far one of the best purchases I have ever made! I love platform shoes, but sometimes they can be difficult to wear because of their design. I have worn them everyday since I bought them, they are so simple and go with everything. I can walk there for a while.

  • Available colors: 15
  • Sizes available: 6 – 10

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