Even for the most loyal tennis players, the heat of July and August can throw everything into question. Sweating starts as soon as you simply take your racquet out of the bag and the sunscreen melts away almost immediately after application. As our bodies and complexions adjust to the relentless humidity, one thing we need to keep in mind is that our workout clothes need to keep up too! Heavier UPF fabrics that work in the colder months aren’t going to cut it. Sweaty wrists and sticky legs call for modern and innovative designs. In the past, tennis whites were all that was socially acceptable. A white pleated polyester skirt and a collared polo shirt were the only items on the menu. Today, there are moisture-wicking fabrics and innovative designs that help keep everything in place and limit visible sweat. Fashion designers like Tory Burch and Stella McCartney have created lines dedicated to this sport. Tennis legends including Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova also have their own lines. There are plenty of options to explore and even push the boundaries of what you thought possible when it comes to terrain.

L to R:

Greyson canvas skirt, Greyson Clothing (local designer)

Rally knit dress, Saks Fifth Avenue

Pleated tennis skirt, Dick Sporting Goods

tennis sneakers, on the cloud

Hummingbird dress, Eleven by Serena Williams

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Aces tennis skirt, available in white at Basic swimming and gym

L’Etoile Sport tennis dress, Saks Fifth Avenue

mini cord, Saks Fifth Avenue

Nike Hard Court Shoes, Dick Sporting Goods

Halter tennis dress, Saks Fifth Avenue

Bottle of water, Motier(local designer)

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Ballerina tennis dress, Saks Fifth Avenue

Alo Pink Socks, Hello

Marysia pink trainers Skirt and Top

Pink Sand Dress, Task performance (local designer)

Scalloped tennis skirt, Dick Sporting Goods