Despite the fact that we are still not out of the woods, many of us are looking forward to better days, which is when COVID cases will hopefully start to drop and the weather will warm up. will warm up a bit. If both of these wishes come true, that means it’s time to put the leggings and joggers away for another day and invest in some statement pieces you can wear this spring.

Beginning as early as February, spring fashion brings with it a sense of optimism for the new year ahead, says the fashion designer, Nancy Volpe Beringer. “As the winter months come out, the excess layers are stripped away and replaced with softer silhouettes,” she says. “Spring fashion also expands our use of the color wheel. As the upbeat mood of the season brings in new energy, we tend to shift to more saturated colors and away from darker shades.

There are so many characteristics that make spring fashion unique, but for Monisha Kapur, virtual personal stylist and founder of 3:44’s basic offerings, like button-down shirts and denim with sprinkled elements that help set the tone for seasons to come, i.e. new fabrications like vegan leather, silhouettes updates like long knit skirts and bright, upbeat colors.

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Ready to savor the styles that will be trending this season? Here are the top spring 2022 fashion trends to buy now, according to fashion designers.

Large pants

The 90s grunge trend is gaining momentum this spring, but with a more sophisticated twist. “As work life and home life change, there is a desire for more relaxed and easy-going pieces,” says Kapur. “To maintain a polished look, pair wide leg pants with a fitted or fitted top, blazer and heels.”

Bright and bold prints

Along with a myriad of colorful hues, Kapur thinks geometric and psychedelic prints are just what we need to lighten the mood and bring some joy back into dressing. “Designers have answered the call with a range of fabulous spring prints,” she says. “Go with a bold geometric print jumpsuit or maxi dress teamed with solid pumps and minimal accessories.”

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Sexy cutouts

Good news for anyone ready to bring back the sexy in 2022: cutouts are here to stay. “There are so many variations of the ‘new sexy’ trend, but one thing is for sure, people are ready to show off their skin,” says Lana White, stylist and personal shopper. The chicest way to do this is with strategically placed cutouts at the waist, hips and back of the garments.


Babies aren’t the only ones wearing onesies this spring. In reality, Ali Levincelebrity stylist and podcast founder Everything with Ali Levinesays to prepare for full, form-fitting bodysuits to be one of Spring 2022’s biggest fashion trends. She recommends wearing a second-skin jumpsuit on its own to a workout class or layering it with an oversized blazer for a more ready-to-wear look.

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Feather Details

“Bottega Veneta has given luxurious feathers a glorious return between its designer pants, heels and bags,” says Beringer. “Unless you’re fully committed to feathers with something like Bottega Veneta’s soft denim feathered trousers, it’s often best to opt for softer touches, whether they double as the trim of your top, embellished at the front or back of your heels or as a detail on your handbag.

Short cardigans

Cardigans have always been a transition staple, but this season it’s all about the cropped cardigan, says Kapur. “This year’s cardigans take on a whole new role,” she says. “From cropped to ribbed edges to scalloped edges, the cardigan is not only a great layering piece, but it also stands on its own.” She recommends pairing a fitted, cropped cardigan with wide leg pants and heels for a cool evening outfit.

color blocking

One of the main runway trends for Spring and Summer 2022 is color blocking. Although we’ve seen this before, the new approach is more of a DIY approach where you mix and match contrasting colors to create an eye-catching combination, says the fashion stylist. Lisa Stapleton. For example, pair shiny pants with a contrasting blazer and complementary sheer shirt, she says. Finish the look with a neutral high heel to balance out the outfit. “As an abstract art form, color blocking is a great way to accentuate body shapes,” she adds.

Mini skirts

Big in the 1960s and again in the early 2000s, the leggy silhouette is making a triumphant return to the Spring 2022 catwalks. From mini to super mini hemlines, denim to leather and neutrals to brights, you’ve got lots of options to play with in your wardrobe. Miniskirts are a great way to show off some skin and hug your figure in a fun way, says Stapleton. For a more mature version, she suggests pairing a high-waisted miniskirt with high boots; for something more casual, opt for motorcycle boots.

Consignment purchases

If there was ever a time to highlight the importance of sustainable purchasing, it’s now when we are in the midst of a pandemic and climate crises. The amount of clothes Americans throw away is staggering, with studies showing that 84% of clothes end up in landfills or incinerators. The good news: Resale is the fastest growing trend in the industry.

“By making a small, conscious effort to buy from zero-waste brands and consignment stores, we can make a major difference for the planet,” Beringer says. His own company, The Volpe Beringer Vaultis an online luxury resale store that offers used, sustainable and inclusive pieces.

Of course, price is another attractive factor of consignment shopping. You can find everything from vintage pieces to designer bags and shoes at a fraction of the original price. Some popular online consignment stores include ThredUp, PoshMart, The Real Real and Rebag,

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