As the world celebrated International Women’s Day on Tuesday, March 8, women in Greece took to social media to raise awareness of the ever-growing number of femicides. Many left their shoes on the streets in protest and mourning for the latest victim, a mother of three from Thessaloniki who was murdered by her ex-partner on March 2.

The victim, Vicki (surname omitted), 41, was working at the café-ouzeri she owned in Kato Toumba, Thessaloniki, when her ex-partner Leontis Vorrias, 42, burst into the room and shot him in front of customers.

Vicki and Vorrias. Pictures: Facebook

The woman’s 20-year-old daughter, who also worked at the facility, attempted to intervene and was also injured but survived. The girl was hospitalized but escaped danger. According to witnesses, Vorrias then turned the gun on himself after shooting Vicki and ending his life.

Police outside the tavern where Vicki was murdered. Photo: ANA-MPA

Vicki was fatally injured in the right abdominal region and died at Papageorgiou Hospital in Thessaloniki despite doctors’ efforts to resuscitate her.

The 41-year-old mother of three had recently ended her relationship with MMA champion Vorrias and, according to authorities, had recently filed a restraining order against him. He was reportedly arrested in the past after threatening to kill the victim when she had previously tried to cut ties.

One of Vorrias’ messages. Picture: Facebook

Vorrias, who is from the island of Chios, had posted a disturbing message on Facebook hours before his crime saying “Closer and closer to the final fight. The only thing I never feared was death. I don’t know about you.”

Picture: Facebook

Local media todayrevealed that 42-year-old Voarrias had close ties to Greek criminal organization Golden Dawn, often posting racist and pro-neo-Nazi content on his social media and was a fan of former Greek dictator George Papadopoulos.

Picture: Facebook

Greek Twitter users shared photos of Vorrias with a group that raided parliament months ago. He was also a bigoted anti-vaxxer often calling people who were vaccinated “disabled” or “sub-human”. It was alleged that the victim and Vorrias would often disagree on current affairs, eventually resulting in Vorrias becoming abusive.

Picture: Facebook

Following Vicki’s death, Vorrias’ ex-partner revealed that she suffered continuous abuse for almost three years. Vorrias, regularly beat her and even kidnapped her. Well-known writer Konstantinos Komninos (a friend of Vorrias’ ex-partner) said Ok! that the woman reported the incidents to the police, filed restraining orders and lawsuits on several occasions, but Vorrias was never arrested or arrested.

This is the second femicide in Greece since the start of 2022. Last year, at least one woman was murdered per month according to Greek police, while many acts of violence against women still go unreported.