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When we say you can literally throw a table over your shoulder, you might be imagining one of the strongest human competitions in the world or a stunt like someone like Dwayne The Rock Johnson could do in a movie. But understand this: this is something you can do and will probably want to do after discovering one of our most recent entertainment obsessions.

Allow us to present to you the “Table in a bag“, a Crate & Barrel product that has apparently gone unnoticed for decades.

– 59.95 Available at Case and barrel

One fan describes his “awesome, nasty table” as a legacy at this point: “I’ve had mine for over 30 years. Oh, the stories she could tell! She’s still in my vehicle, ready to go.

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She’s not the only one who adores this perfect picnic table; it got an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars out of over 700 reviews. While the table in a bag does not have the height of an ordinary dining room cabinet (it measures 27 ½ by 27 ½ inches high and 16 inches high), it is an ideal size for serving two to four seated on the floor or in low garden chairs.

Although not exactly new, the Table in a bag has really exploded in popularity and has proven to be useful over the past 15 months or so, according to critics.

“My two daughters and I all have one and we use them all the time … outdoor concerts, picnics, beaches and even on my porch during COVID so I can have family to take away . “

Some even had safe remote outdoor gatherings which were BYOT style (bring your own table), which they arranged in a spacious circle with one table per guest. Others whipped them for outdoor feasts in the woods:

Or nice solo outings with a nice bouquet of flowers and A glass of wine. (Can we just jump on this pic now, please ?!).

Others rave about it as a gift for wedding parties and engagement parties so recipients can use it to host comfortable gatherings anywhere and anywhere. Just pack it in a shoulder bag, take the table out and reassemble it anywhere you can use a sturdy surface.

We can almost already see our next outdoor concert stage now: A chilled bottle of sparkling wine, a spread of sides without cooking and a few sandwiches from our favorite local restaurant all seated on our little patio table… and while watching the sun go down and listening to beautiful music. AKA pretty much Heaven on Earth! (Buy it: Table in a bag; $ 59.95, case and barrel)

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