Three pairs of sneakers will be sold by NTWRK on June 23-24 – the anniversary of the adoption of Title IX – with all proceeds benefiting The Equity Project™, powered by the Women’s Sports Foundation.

“On average, women still earn just 82 centsii on the dollar and retiring with 30% less income than men – a gap that the pandemic has exacerbated,” said Stephen Tidalle, TIAA’s Director of Brand and Demand Generation. “We launched the #RetireInequality campaign during March Madness this year to celebrate progress and raise awareness of gender pay and pension gaps. Collaborating with these star athletes and designers helps tell this story with the goal of accelerating the pace of progress for women and society in general.

TIAA launched its #RetireInequality campaign in March 2022, aligned with Women’s History Month and just ahead of the 50th anniversary of Title IX, the landmark law that promoted equity in education and opened the doors of college athletics to women. The campaign has brought together some of the most influential NCAA and WNBA players and coaches – women who have played pivotal roles in eliminating inequality in sports – to raise awareness and educate others about why the fight against inequalities in retirement is always important.

As an ambassador for the #RetireInequality campaign, Azzi Fudd was passionate about encouraging young women, especially athletes, to take charge of their financial future, and was looking forward to teaming up with TIAA and Curry Brand for this collaboration. As part of the collaboration, Azzi will also gift pairs of sneakers to women she finds personally inspiring, including TIAA CEO Thasunda Brown Duckett and her parents.

“This partnership with TIAA and Curry Brand is really special to me,” said Azzi Fudd. “I’m proud to have helped design these incredible shoes that pay tribute to women who have paved the way for gender equality, while educating all athletes and women in the income gap to retirement.”

Azzi Fudd is the best choice to start a brand relationship like this because she is the next face of women’s basketball and has been part of SC30 Inc. and the Curry Brand family since being invited to the All-American Camp,” said Stephen Curry.

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About Equity Project™ and the Women’s Sports Foundation

TIAA Powered by Women’s Sports Foundation (founded by Billie Jean King), The Equity Project™ is a movement of individuals and organizations that aims to influence sport participation, policy, representation and leadership in sustainable and measurable ways.

The Women’s Sports Foundation exists to enable girls and women to reach their potential in sport and in life. We are an ally, an advocate and a catalyst. Founded by Billie Jean King in 1974, we strengthen and expand opportunities for participation and leadership through our research, advocacy, community programs, and a wide variety of collaborative partnerships. From its inception until the 50th anniversary of Title IX in 2022, the WSF has invested more than $100 million in these impact efforts, helping to shape the lives of millions of young people, high school and college student-athletes, elite athletes and coaches. We’re building a future where every girl and woman can #KeepPlaying and unlock the lifelong benefits of sports participation. All the girls. All the women. All Sports®. To learn more about the Women’s Sports Foundation, please visit


I The 2021 Mercer Global Pension Index estimates a 33.7% pension gap for women in the United States, i.e. women have 33.7% less pension income than men . Global Pension Index Report, 2021.
ii Women earn about 82 cents for each $1 men earn on average. United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey, 2021. United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.