• Fans of “Twilight” have noticed a strange detail in Catherine Hardwicke’s 2008 film in recent months.
  • In the cafeteria scene that featured the Cullens, Emmett was seen carrying a plastic bag of eggs.
  • Hardwicke told Insider that she saw star Kellan Lutz with the eggs off camera and wrote it in the scene.
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A sack of eggs was hiding in plain sight in “Twilight,” and fans only recently noticed the bewildering detail. Now director Catherine Hardwicke explains what was really going on.

The 2008 film starred Kristen Stewart as an ordinary teenager who falls in love with a brooding vampire named Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson).

“Twilight” was based on the first novel in Stephenie Meyer’s fantasy series of the same name. It became a global phenomenon upon its release, sparking four sequels and propelling the cast to new levels of fame. More than a decade later, people are still renting the iconic baseball scene from the movie as cinematic masterpiece.

All of the movies in the saga were filled with hidden details, blunders, and callbacks – but somehow many fans didn’t realize that “Twilight” included literal Easter eggs worn by Emmett Cullen (Kellan Lutz).

Twilight Emmett Egg Detail

Emmett Cullen wore an egg sack in his first scene in “Twilight”.

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The sneaky moment came at the start of the film when the Cullen family made their slow-motion grand entrance into the cafeteria, which established the six distinct vampire personalities.

When Emmett (the buff and athletic Cullen) appeared, he was seen carrying a clear plastic bag with several eggs inside. The bag was seen again seconds later as the Cullens were seated at a table, Bella kept turning to look at them, and Edward looked at her wondering why he couldn’t read her thoughts.

During the brief moment, Emmett was never seen doing anything with the eggs, so his inclusion baffled fans.

Detail of the Emmett egg table at dusk

Emmett Cullen had an egg sack in a “Twilight” scene.

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Many didn’t even catch the detail months ago as people started reporting it Twitter, Reddit, and TIC Tac. Those who know about the egg sack called Emmett “Eggmett”.

Lutz himself acknowledged the gossip about Instagram in September 2020, when he posted a photo of himself on the cafeteria stage set while holding the egg sack.

A post shared by Kellan Lutz (@kellanlutz)

Confusing detail has once again made its way to TikTok in a viral video Posted by user @ sarahelizabeth327 in April 2021.

When contacted for comment, Lutz told Insider via email that he was “taking this secret to the grave.”

Hardwicke, however, shared the context while speaking with Insider recently and revealed that the “super quirky detail” was inspired by Lutz.

“I once saw Kellan carrying a bag of a dozen hard-boiled eggs,” recalls the director. “I’m like, ‘What’s going on? You’re not going to eat like a dozen eggs, are you?'”

Hardwicke said the actor probably ate the high protein food because he worked with a trainer and adapted his diet to his role as a vampire.

“I had never seen anyone carry a Ziploc bag of a dozen eggs and go eat them all day,” said the manager.

“I was laughing so hard,” she continued. “I’m like, ‘OK, [Emmett] must have these eggs. You have to wear that in this scene because it was just outrageous. ‘”

Hardwicke added: “So that was really it, just a super weird detail that the real Kellan was doing.”

Emmett Twilight Baseball Scene Tracksuit

Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen in “Twilight”.

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The “fun” habit also worked in the context of the scene because vampires don’t eat human food, so the Cullens used various items as props to blend in. The hard-boiled eggs weren’t eaten by Emmett during the scene, but they didn’t get lost either.

“After this scene, [Kellan] ate those eggs because it was her real meal for the day, ”said Hardwicke, explaining that she appreciated any opportunity to“ weave any weird little thing ”into her plans.

Perhaps the Eggs went largely unnoticed by most viewers because they were too busy focusing on the Cullens’ slow-motion debut or worshiping Edward’s smirk after Bella’s new friend. , Jessica, explained that he was “totally gorgeous, obviously, but apparently no one here is good enough for him.”

Hardwicke, however, is not surprised that eagle-eyed fans notice even the tiniest details of the blockbuster movie.

“When people see a movie as much as ‘Twilight’ they start to understand all the funny little things that you sneak in there,” she says. “So, I love it. It’s awesome.”

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