Just in time for a spooky season, Vans announced a collaboration with Warner Bros. to turn some of their most popular horror movies and franchises into new shoes. The retailer took to social media to show off an image of the items, ranging from regular sneakers to slip-ons, and they look amazing. Only four different films are shown in the video as having their own shoes, but they are for four of the biggest in the WB / New Line Cinema Vault, including The brilliant, THIS, Freddy, and Friday 13. Check them out below!

The THIS shoes, specifically marked for 2019 Computer Science: Chapter Two, are traditional Vans Authentics style shoes with a black and white check pattern. On the pattern are a variety of red Pennywise balloons, which also appear on the black sides of the shoe. “Computer Science: Chapter Two“can be read on the side of the sole. Vans’ design for The brilliant the shoes, which are part of their SK8-HI style, feature the classic green Saul Bass movie poster on the sides, the iconic “Redrum” writing from the movie also appears.

Freddy‘s, another of the SK8-HI style shoes, is modeled after Freddy Krueger’s signature red and green sweater, and some are pre-grungy to give them that distinct nightmare look. The Friday 13 slip-ons feature the franchise logo on the right shoe with Jason’s iconic hockey mask appearing on the left.

That the Friday 13 franchise gets its own sneakers is perhaps a surprise to fans familiar with the franchise’s legal issues. In short, a discrepancy in copyright law put the whole series in limbo until everything could be sorted out. Therefore, for a few years no new products for Friday the 13th were allowed. While it’s unclear whether the Friday the 13th legal issues have been resolved, it at least appears to have settled the licensing issue. The wait for a new movie, however, can continue to be much longer.

This is the latest collaboration between Vans and the big licensees to create new shoes with a previous Marvel collection bringing characters like Spider-Man, She-Hulk and Captain Marvel to their gear. Other Vans collaborations include Harry Potter, Toy Story and The Nightmare Before Christmas

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