Trust a fashion designer to bring a punch factor to anything, and fashion mogul Vera Wang is one of those wizards. Wang is renowned for her impeccable vision of creating a lifestyle beyond fashion and in publishing, fragrances, beauty, accessories and the home. Driven by artistic, modern and luxurious design and a high level of customer experience, Vera Wang’s collections are extremely attractive. The designer has now entered the world of sparkling drinks with a one-of-a-kind partnership with the world’s leading luxury vodka brand, Chopin. “This is the first fashion-vodka collaboration ever launched in the United States and a one-of-a-kind partnership for our two brands. It is also the first bottle designed by an artist marketed for Chopin. Everything about this project is tailor-made. It is a real partnership and co-creation. Said Chopin Vodka owner Tadeusz “Tad” J. Dorda.

Scheduled for release this spring, the limited edition Vodka is handcrafted from farm to bottle. Vera Wang has personally selected a special variety of young potatoes that have never been on the market. The potatoes used for the product are sustainably grown and obtained without chemicals and pesticides in the village of Krzesk, Poland, where the Chopin Vodka distillery is located. The resulting product is naturally gluten-free and has a distinct taste, aroma, complexity and character unlike any other product available today. “Vera is a passionate Chopin drinker and she discovered us some time ago. We discovered above his love of vodka, met and linked to our common passion and our life’s work. That’s when we decided to create something special just for her. Dorda explained.

Wang is an avid fan of the drink, but it was during the creation process that she discovered its intricacies over the past two years while co-creating her own. The designer further explained: “(Regarding the discovery process….) Like everything, I started to develop a taste for vodka by trying it… initially as a mixed cocktail ranging from classic screwdrivers and Bloody Marys with cosmopolitans, apple martinis or the cocktail of the moment… one of the great things about vodka is its versatility. But for the purists, I now drink chilled vodka to really savor / appreciate its unique flavor and texture. Many descriptions come to the fore… delicately tasty, nuanced, sophisticated and incredibly sweet. Sexy. “Romance in a Bottle.”.

Wang was determined to retain the iconic shape of the Chopin bottle, with a modern, architectural and sophisticated iteration for fashion / lifestyle brand Vera Wang that is guaranteed to stand out on any bar. From the mat two-tone bottle to her personal message, she describes this project as a fantastic journey. “This is the culmination of my long love affair with vodka in the most personal and expressive way.” The poem on the back of the bottle is an “ode” to Wang’s unique and very personal relationship with vodka: how it feels, the memories it evokes and the emotion, sensuality and romance that vodka represents. for her.

Vera Wang and Chopin luxury vodka join forces

“Thanks to Tad, I was able to learn from the MASTER. He and his team in Poland presented 14 different variations that we tested in a makeshift lab set up in my kitchen in New York City before the pandemic. For 10 hours, we tasted and savored each preparation while Tad himself taught us the process of distilling vodka, literally from top to bottom. In other words, the type, size, flavor and origin of each potato and the time it takes for them to grow, process, ferment and rest. Believe me, I will never look at a potato the same again… In the end, I chose no. 9, and oddly, my whole team agreed. explains the designer.

Chopin Vodka Chopin is a family-owned, characterful distillery that makes artisanal spirits and liqueurs. Widely regarded as the world’s leading vodka maker, Chopin Vodka is distilled from local ingredients grown in a new district in eastern Poland (100 km east of Warsaw). From growing, cooking, fermenting and distilling the raw ingredients to bottling, the entire process is carefully maintained. Chopin Vodka was the first to launch ultra-luxury vodka in 1993 with its iconic bottle – a design that has since redefined the vodka industry. In addition to producing three single-ingredient vodkas – potato, rye and wheat – to show how different vodkas can be, Chopin also offers a limited edition Family Reserve young potato vodka and a trio of liqueurs. Dorda (Dorda Sea Salt Caramel, Dorda Double Chocolate and Dorda Coconut).

The limited edition collaboration will be available for presale on March 8 exclusively on for a suggested retail price of $ 99 (1 liter).

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