Before this article was published, Salomon sent me a pair of the XT-6 for a test drive, which is also by far the best-selling Sportstyle shoe. (“It’s our classic. It’s become our icon,” Diaz says. “The XT-6 isn’t going anywhere.”) The main differences I feel when wearing these shoes (as opposed to other sneakers ) are the snug fit and the firmness of the sole. At first I was concerned that they would be too narrow for my flat feet – but I was pleasantly surprised that the shoes cradled my feet all around rather than hugging them. Then the dense bottom sole, which Salomon calls the Contagrip, gives me a feeling of total control, whether on mud or ice, or any uneven and loose surface. (Next time I’m going outdoors, these will be the only shoes I’ll need.) And, finally, I have to mention the Quicklace system, which makes on-off wearing incredibly easy. Each shoe comes with a “lace pocket” located at the top of the tongue where wearers can fill in extra slack. You can also leave the laces hanging out (that’s what Diaz says he does). While I’ll always have a spongy place in my heart for chunky trainers, I can understand why people are so drawn to the sleek and simple Salomons – they’re firm, grippy and the perfect antidote if you don’t. don’t like big bounces. shoes.