BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) – Two men were arrested in Harrison County on Sunday after officers said a bag of suspected crystal meth fell from a bundle of paperwork the driver gave to officers.

Officers conducted a traffic stop on I-79 near mile marker 125 on Sunday for improper registration, according to the criminal complaint.

The report said officers made contact with the driver, Roy Porter, 57, of West Union, who handed over “a packet purporting to be vehicle registration information”.

Officers said that after Porter gave them the paperwork, “a small plastic bag fell out of the package” which “contained a few pieces of a crystalline substance” consistent with methamphetamine.

An officer with a dog arrived on the scene and the report says the dog gave a positive indication of drugs in the vehicle.

Mentioned in the same court document, a passenger in the vehicle, Jared Mayle, was found in possession of two plastic bags containing approximately 220 grams of alleged crystal meth.

The officer said Porter had about 4 grams of suspected crystal meth in several plastic bags on him.

The crystalline substance later field tested positive for methamphetamine.

Both Porter and Mayle were taken to the Bridgeport Police Department for treatment before being taken to the North Central Regional Jail.

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