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  • Felix is ​​35 years old and the Tokyo Games will be his fifth Olympic competition.
  • She has nine Olympic medals to her name and has the potential to add three medals to that total.
  • She is one medal away from being the most decorated Olympian in the history of women’s athletics.

Allyson Felix is ​​the most decorated Olympian in athletics history with nine medals, including six gold, and will compete in her fifth Olympics in Tokyo. But the 35-year-old shows no signs of slowing down.

In 2019, she won her 13th and 14th gold medals at the World Championships just 10 months after a complicated and potentially fatal pregnancy.

Although she is still at the top of her game, Félix has said that Tokyo will be her last Olympic Games and that she intends to retire before the 2024 Games in Paris. But before she leaves, she wants to show moms around the world that having a baby doesn’t mean they have to put their careers on hold.

“I think society often tells us that you have a child and your best times are behind you. But that’s absolutely not the case, ”Felix told USA TODAY Sports. “There are so many women in all industries who are here doing it and doing it. And I hope that when they look and they see me, they see that it is possible. And without a doubt, we will continue to fight. “

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When does Allyson Felix compete in the Olympics?

Felix qualified for the 400 meters but failed to qualify for her flagship event, the 200 meters.

However, she could replace the 200 with a place in the mixed 4×400-meter relay team. The mixed relay will make its Olympic debut in Tokyo, and Felix was a member of the inaugural team for the 2019 world championships.

How old is Allyson Felix?

Felix was born on November 18, 1985 and is 35 years old

How tall is Allyson Felix?

Félix is ​​5 feet 6 inches tall.

Is Allyson Felix married?

Felix is ​​married to Kenneth Ferguson, who was also a sprinter and hurdler.

Does Allyson Felix have children?

Felix has a daughter, Camryn.

Felix gave birth to Camryn at 32 weeks after an emergency C-section due to severe pre-eclampsia in November 2018. The procedure put both mother and daughter’s lives at risk, but both recovered.

After learning that preeclampsia is 60% more common in black women than in white women, Felix decided to share his experience publicly.

“It really kindled the fire to find out more – to share my experience and stand up for mothers around the world,” Felix said TODAY in 2020.

Why did Allyson Felix leave Nike?

In a profile in Time magazine, Felix said she felt disrespectful when Nike asked her to participate in a Nike women’s empowerment ad while she and the company negotiated a dispute over the maternity protection in private. After her contract with Nike expired in December 2017, Felix was offered a 70% pay cut in the new contract and said Nike did not support the maternity protections she had. requested.

Felix has since signed on with Athleta, a womenswear company, and launched his own shoe and lifestyle brand called Saysh.

How many Olympic medals has Allyson Felix won?

Felix is ​​a nine-time Olympic medalist (six gold, three silver). She won her first medal – a silver in the 200 meters – on her debut at the 2004 Summer Games in Athens.

Does Allyson Felix hold records?

Barely 10 months after giving birth to her daughter, Félix broke the record for the most medals at the World Championships in athletics, men or women, with 19. She also holds the most gold medals with 14 , breaking the world record of 11 held by Usain. Lock.

If she wins any medals at these Olympics, she will break her tie with Merlene Ottey, who has nine medals in women’s athletics but no gold.

Allyson Felix Quotes

Over the 200 meters: “The 200 meters is my baby. For me, it’s the perfect distance. It’s still a real sprint, but it’s fraying more. You enjoy racing a little more than the 100. “

By putting yourself first: “I’ve always wanted to be a mom and I’ve spent my life putting my career ahead of these personal decisions. I was worried that I would disappoint those who expected my career to remain a top priority. But I knew what I wanted and it was time to put “me” first.

On what she wants to teach her daughter: “Courage. That’s what I found in myself having her, and that’s what I hope she can learn from me. Listen to your heart, live fearlessly, and be courageous.”

When starting Saysh: “I feel like a lot of my experience, just in life, has been overlooked because of being a woman of color. And so I hope Saysh is a place where women within the company can come in, advance their careers, but also make sure that I am in the communities that I grew up in and where I am. assures that the woman is seen.

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